The Allwest Moving Experience

What to Expect

No Surprises!

When you trust your relocation to Allwest Moving & Storage, our top priority is: no surprises! We want your move to be the safest, most efficient, and least stressful relocation you’ve ever experienced.
To reach that goal, we invest heavily in communication before we start to load our trucks-we will meet with you to review all of the necessary details and expectations beforehand, answer any questions you may have, and make sure that our entire crew is briefed on the unique logistics your move will entail.

Our Process

Before The Move

  1. You will be assigned a relocation consultant at Allwest, who will schedule an in-home walkthrough and estimate.
  2. Our relocation consultant will survey the items you are moving, and provide you with a quote based on necessary manpower and estimated hours (for moves less than 55 miles apart); or weight of shipment (for moves more than 55 miles.) They will estimate costs for packing, if needed, and will review valuation and carrier coverage (similar to insurance) with you.
  3. This is also an opportunity to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and address how to handle any special moving needs you may have (antiques, safes, etc.)
  4. You will receive a confirmation call at least 24 hours prior to move day.

Moving Day

  1. Our assigned crew will be thoroughly briefed on the particulars of your job when they arrive at our warehouse on moving day. Based on the size and requirements of the individual job, they then prepare the truck(s) and materials/equipment needed.
  2. When our crew arrives at your location, the Crew Leader will introduce themselves and the other crew members.
  3. The crew will perform a full walkthrough of the premises with you. They will review:
    • All rooms in the house, to ensure nothing is missed
    • All furniture that is to be moved.
    • All items that need to be packed.
    • Any large or unusual items which may require extra care.
  4. After completing the walkthrough, the Crew Leader will give a brief overview on how the move will proceed, and answer any questions you may have.
  5. The most experienced crew member is assigned to load the truck. The remaining crew members-called “runners”-will bring furniture out of the house to the truck.
  6. All furniture items will be pad wrapped with cloth moving blankets
  7. The truck will be loaded in “tiers,” with heavy, bulky items providing a base at the bottom and lighter items on top.
  8. Once finished, the load will be secured with reinforced straps to ensure it does not shift during transport.


  1. All of our drivers are DOT certified. Our trucks will be safely driven, and are mechanically very sound. They receive monthly preventative maintenance checks, and are governed to travel no more than 62 mph.
  2. Once at your new premises, the crew will perform a walkthrough with you to review the locations floor plan and identify where items should be unloaded.
    • It is highly recommended that you prepare an advance floor plan so movers do not have to rearrange heavy furniture multiple times.
    • It is important for customer to always be available during delivery. If you so choose, you may stand near the entrance and direct where each individual piece of furniture will go.
  3. Floor, door and railing protection will be set up.
  4. We provide unpacking.  However, we don’t put anything in cupboards or hang anything on walls.
  5. You may unpack while we are still there, and we will dispose of your empty boxes for free. Most of the time, customers prefer a few days to unpack – we provide one complimentary box pickup.
  6. Once everything has been unloaded off the truck, you and the crew will do another walkthrough to see if anything needs to be rearranged, or any boxes unpacked.
  7. The Crew Leader Lead will calculate the final bill while the crew is gathering equipment and closing up the emptied truck.
  8. The Crew Leader will review the final billing with you, and answer any final questions or concerns you may have.