The Independent Moving Company Advantage

There are many choices for how to get your move done.

There’s the option of calling in favors from every one of your friends and relatives, having them all show up (hopefully) on a given day, and start tossing your household goods into the back of every vehicle they own. While that certainly saves you some money, it doesn’t do much to assure that your possessions arrive safely, not to mention your peace of mind.

Then there’s the choice of hiring a national name moving service, the guys whose trucks you see on every highway across the USA. Slick and professionally marketed, they offer the same types of basic services and the same flat rates to the thousands of customers they serve. But what do they really know about where you’re going—and who are they sending into your home to get you there?

Locally Owned, Locally Focused

AllWest Moving & Storage offers a third, and we think, better way.

We are a locally based, independent moving company. Our focus is on the Pacific Northwest, as it has been for more than 45 years. We know the towns, the people, and the businesses of this area. We are a company built on referrals, reputation, and a long history of satisfied customers throughout the greater Puget Sound area.

We are a proudly independent moving company.

Personalized Service

When you arrange your move with us, you are working with local people with local expertise. Need advice on arranging utility services or finding local schools? Our relocation experts have personal experience and contacts in the area to help point you in the right direction on any of the myriad of questions that inevitably arise during a move.

Our moving teams also consist of locally hired, professionally trained crews who work only for us. Your precious possessions will be in the hands of your neighbors-our trusted and fully vetted employees, not an outsourced crew of one day hires.

A Reputation for Quality and Service

Our reputation is what has allowed us to compete successfully with big, national firms throughout our company’s history. Our customers are your neighbors: in the residential neighborhoods of Olympia and Tacoma; at Joint Base Lewis-McChord; at the Franke Tobey Jones, Panorama, Narrows Glen, Point Defiance Village, Peninsula and Bonaventure retirement communities; and in so many other homes and offices throughout the area.

All of these have made AllWest Moving & Storage their choice for relocations, choosing our unique, personalized service over a one-size-fits-all approach.

We hope that you, too, will consider the independent advantage.